Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yesterday we had some friends around. We played a game of '12 ball cricket' (I invented this version of playing cricket) but then I hit a six that went waaaaay over the neighbours wall! So that was the end of our game! Then we decided on playing a game of 'fun fair'! This was Nancy's creations!

We had many stands and each person had about three stands to run and, of course, it got a bit (a lot!) chaotic! I really don't handle chaos well, and I was running around getting myself stressed, when it was supposed to be a game!

It was a lot of fun, even though we only played for a little bit! (setting up took so long)

We had the radio going and it really felt like a fair! We had hop-scotch, skittles, 'throw the ball' (luckily for us the neighbours were happy to throw the ball back whenever it went over the wall), a refreshment stand, 'swing from the tree', sidewalk chalk art, fishing for toys and a stand where you buy tokens. Each token costs 5c. Each stand had a different amount of tokens needed. We would write something like this: (2), or (7)!

Now we have discovered a new, fun and easy-to-clean game!

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