Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Principles By Which I Live

The other day, Aunty Linnie, from Back To Ancient Ways tagged me to participate in a posting listing the principles by which I live.

These are the things I believe. Of course, I don't always manage to live up to them, but I try my best! And it took me a good few days to think this assignment through!

1. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins;

2. I believe in hard work - nothing comes easily!

3. I believe that my rewards are not on earth, but in Heaven,
so I should not store up treasures on earth;

4. I believe that I should be a good steward of any money that I might receive;

5. I believe that I should give the first fruits of my money to the Lord;

6. I believe in dressing modestly;

7. I believe that my body is the temple of the Lord, so I should not poison it by drinking, smoking or taking drugs. "Know ye that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?"

8. I believe that the answers to whatever questions I may have, are in the Bible, so all I need to do is go and read;

9. I believe that there is no other God but the Lord;

10. I believe that I should never use the Lord's name in vain at anytime;

11. I believe that I should obey my mother and father, even when I think they are wrong or unfair, because the Lord has placed them in authority over me;

12. I believe that I should honour my mother and father like the Bible instructs. I should never talk badly about them or criticise them;

13. I believe that I should never date different boys, but wait for the Lord to bring the right husband across my path;

14. I believe that I should behave appropriately in front of my sisters, as they look up to me, and copy me;

15. I believe that God has placed me on this earth for a reason, so I should use my time wisely, seeking God's will for my life;

16. I believe that even if I make a mistake, I am not a failure, I am created in God's image, so I can't be a failure!

17. I believe that the Holy Spirit is the one who tells me if I am doing something wrong. he also tells me to go and confess my sins;

18. I believe that my mother is my role-model and she is the one who is responsible for teaching me how to become a godly mother and wife when I am older;

19. I believe that I can always start again - the Bible says that God's mercies are new each morning. I believe that God will always forgive me when I am truly repentant and will give me a second chance - maybe a 10th chance!

20. I believe that every difficulty I face will make me a stronger person - every difficulty will develop my character;

21. I believe that the Gospel is the 'Good News' and I am not ashamed to share my love of Jesus with all the people I know and meet.

Now I have to pass on the assignment.

I tag:

Sasha Carlile at Family Life
And our dear friend, Aunty Lisl at Innie Skylte Blog


Linnie said...

Wow, Kelly-Anne, thank you for participating in this assignment!
I am really proud to say I know a Beautiful girl like you and you are my daughter’s best friend!
I know you are living by these principles.
Lots of love

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Hi Aunty Linnie, this assignment really got me to think! Thank you so much! The challenge now is to live 100% by these! Have a lovely holiday! Love Kelly-Anne