Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Birthday Comes But Once A Year!

A birthday comes but once a year, so make the most of it! Nancy certainly made the most of her birthday! Lucky thing, she had two cakes!

We gave her a mosaic kit and a box of different types of buttons. She has been wanting to collect buttons for a very long time! She LOVED her mosaic kit. She said that she has always wanted to try mosaic! My mom tries to expose us to as many different crafts as possible and what better excuse to buy new goodies than a birthday!?

Friends treated us to Chinese for her birthday supper! Hmmmm! It was lovely! I loved the chow mein the best - oh and maybe the spring rolls!

Nancy was so happy, a birthday is a chore free day, so she enjoyed a day of crafting and doing whatever she pleased! Oh, man! I can't wait till my birthday!

Nancy is now ten and VERY proud of it! Wow! A decade already! She is growing up so fast! I remember when her and I were small, we got up to so much mischief and really kept my mom on her toes!

A decade!

Lighting the candles on her strawberry yoghurt cake! It was so yummy!

Hmmmm! My mom did an excellent job!

Oooooh! Present time! You would think it was the Little Ones' birthdays! Look at Gabrielle's cheesy smile!

"I can open it for you, you know". Gabrielle, very interested!

Buttons, buttons, buttons, hundreds of buttons! Nancy has about two hundred now and can fit about two thousand buttons in this box! So, some easy birthday and Christmas presents in the future.

"Oh, wow!" Nancy was so excited! I managed to take this while she was 'ooohing' and 'aaaahing'!

Ready to glue the tiles onto the dolphin. Have I mentioned Nancy's favourite animal is a dolphin?

The yummy Chinese food our friends brought.

Gabrielle desperately trying to eat with chopsticks! She simply stabbed the end of the stick into the food! Very cute to watch!

Nancy enjoying her Chinese food.

Me eating noodles and stir-fry!

Her cake and cupcakes. Marshmallows too!

Pooof! She blew out all but two on her first attempt.

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