Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Trip To The Stables

Today was horse riding. My dad is on school holidays, he took me to the stables. I asked him if he would take some photos, which he did. Nancy, Beth and Gabrielle came too, to get some fresh air (very fresh since it is blowing a gale outside)!

I rode Flash again and had a pretty good lesson.

My dad only stayed a little while as the others were getting cold from the never ceasing wind. He managed to take a few photos, but really disappointed me by leaving about ten minutes into the lesson! I do understand though, it was very cold and probably very boring since my dad is not exactly a 'horse lover'!

The others had fun playing games while I was tacking up, and my dad took some nice photos of all of them!

A random photo that came out pretty well.

I am very grateful that my dad and sisters would give up their morning to take me to riding, its not like they got anything out of it! I am very privileged to have a family like mine!

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