Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Tree Shaped Gourmet Pizzas!

On Thursday night (Christmas Eve), we made Christmas tree shaped gourmet pizzas. We have started a new tradition this year: We are always going to make Christmas tree shaped pizzas and watch a Christmas movie. This year we watched 'Santa Buddies' (a very cute movie about Golden Retriever puppies. There are a few other 'Buddy' movies available.

We all enjoyed making our own pizzas, daddy and mommy too!

We made some pizza dough in the bread maker machine, as making it by hand and kneading it takes ages, especially since we need two batches to feed our family adequately!

My mom then cut out a Christmas tree template while the dough was rising. Then she rolled out the dough and cut out the trees.

Then my mom put the trees in pans, plates......and whatever else that was oven-proof!

Then came the tomato paste.

Then I helped chop, slice and dice the pizza toppings and put them in bowls on the table.

Then came the best part - well, one of the best parts, other than eating them! Decorating them!

Why wait till they are cooked? Gabrielle, eating the cheese!

Beth, enjoying putting meat onto her pizza!

Pizzas ready to go into the oven:





And the finished pizzas!





Gabrielle enjoying her pizza!

Beth too!

We LOVED our pizzas! Our movie too! We are all very happy with this new tradition!

It was lovely to be together, laugh and have fun! I feel sorry for families who don't want to be together, who rather delight in friends and parties.

Being together as a family is sometimes chaotic, but the joy of sitting together, snuggled up on the couch watching a movie is great, it is special. We must value each moment spent together.

What Christmas Eve traditions do you have? What do you do? Why not tell me about yours?


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