Monday, May 16, 2011

Time for a Little Break and Some News...

Hello everyone, firstly I’d like to tell you some lovely April my father was asked to teach at Knysna High School!! The job started first May so my father has been working away from home and staying in the hostel while us girls have been holding the fort and packing up our house to move again!

It has been very interesting and difficult work coping without the man of the house! Because we live a very different life to most people, without electricity or a conventional geyser, relying on our ‘donkey’ (we make a fire underneath an old gas bottle that has been made into a cylinder holding water. After a little while of putting wood on the fire, we have hot water in our taps for baths and washing dishes!), I never realised how much work there is that Dad does, but I am proud to say we are nearly there!

Another wonderful, wonderful thing happened. The person who was staying on the farm we used to rent just outside of Knysna, moved out, so we were asked if we needed to come back and we said yes...I am so excited because I shall have my little veggie patch and my little pony, Hazelnut again!

My dad comes today to fetch a load of boxes and furniture but will be back on Wednesday to pick us up to take us to Knysna, which leads me to another thing...I have to take a little break: ( It is very sad and I know I’m going to miss blogging but it is just for a small amount of time, while we set up our house and move in)! I shall be back on the web again in about two or three weeks, so don’t go away!

To my Christian blog friends, please would you pray for a safe, rain-free journey and a stress-less move! My mom has been amazing even though she has been feeling so ill and tired with her pregnancy, so please pray that God would give her strength and help her to rest (something all special moms need to learn to do more often!)

Many blessings,


Sam (Kom) said...

Gosh you guys have moved alot. I wish you all a safe, rain-free and stress-free journey.

Safe travelling and look forward to your next post and hearing you are all safely back on the farm in Knysna, till then.


Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Sam, Thank you very much for your lovely comment - I look forward to being set up on the other side and continuing blogging! Have a wonderful day, love and blessings, Kelly-Anne