Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Learning through Living - Life in Knysna

My sisters and I have had a very full life and we have learnt so much over the past few years. We have lived almost all over South Africa and if we haven’t lived in a certain place, we might well have visited it on our travels!

We have seen beautiful countryside, long stretches of ocean, busy towns and hectic cities! We have seen so much and sometimes we forget to take moving around the country as a blessing – we have learnt things most of our friends haven’t!

I decided to take you through our travels, showing places in beautiful South Africa that you might not have visited before. I want to show you crazy things we have done but enjoyed so much! So now sit back and enjoy looking at the heap of photographs I have to show you! I know it might or might not inspire you to step out of your front door and tour the beautiful countryside that you live in! But we learnt and we are learning about life and the world around us through living!

Each week I will show you a different place we’ve lived in.

This week I would like to show you Knysna – a holiday-type town where my dad got a permanent post at the local primary school. God also miraculously provided us with a huge house belonging to the school for very little rent!

We had huge grounds to play on and I also started my first ‘mini garden’!  The only disadvantage was that the house was freezing cold in the winter months, but cool in the hot summer weather.

Gabrielle was ‘my baby’ and I did everything for her!  I sometimes put her in the pouch and carried her around the garden till she fell asleep.

A beautiful family picture

Me and my new puppy, Jemma, getting ready to go on a ‘doggie walk’ around Leisure Island.

Nancy waiting for the ‘doggie walk’ to begin.

Beth waiting for time to go by, by playing on the fence.

We went on lots of outings to the Knysna Forest and explored many old churches and places.

We sometimes took our new puppy, Jemma, on these outings to let her get some exercise – Labradors are always full of energy and we found that out the hard way!

We got two new kittens, Tom and Jerry – here Jerry sleeps in an old ice-cream carton!

For Christmas my parents bought us a pool.

I used to swim with Gabrielle in the pool!

Cooling down by eating ice-cold watermelon!

“This is yummy!” Gabrielle

Beth celebrated her third birthday in Knysna and I was put ‘in charge’ of snacks.

Beth eating her chocolate cake.

We visited the Beach of ‘Noetzie’ which is just outside of Knysna where there are many old castles!

Mom and her little girls on the beach

Nancy and I built a huge sand-castle

Nancy and I with our completed castle!

Gabrielle wearing a rather worried expression playing in the sand.

Nancy celebrated her eighth birthday...

Lots of presents for the sweetest little Nancy girl...she has her own beautiful blog now called ‘Homemaker in Training’ and I’d love for you to take a look!

Sweetest sisters!

Mom with her two little girls on Mother’s Day

Gabrielle and Mom smelling the roses.

I celebrated my eleventh birthday...

We all dressed up in pretty clothes and colours.

We sometimes went to the park.. Gabrielle and I on the swing bridge.

“Hello, I see you!”

Beth on the see-saw.

All the girls playing on the see-saw!

We joined the homeschooling group and on one of the outings we visited the Featherbed Game Reserve on the Knysna Heads.

Going on a hike was part of the fun and the scenery was breathtaking.

View from the top.

Looking onto Leisure Isle and in the distance, Thesen Isle where all the white houses are.

Gabrielle with Mommy on the day of her dedication.

Isn’t she just too cute for words?

Jemma loved to swim so whenever we had the chance we took her with to the beach or to the river!

Nancy, our little ballerina, with her teacher.

So that is Knysna and after two years we moved to Fish Hoek - but, don’t let me run away with myself...more in the next post!



Sarah said...

WOW I really, really ejoyed this post!!
I can not wait to see more!!

Rebecca said...

Really nice!
I enjoyed looking at all the pictures!
You have such a beautiful family.
In Christ,

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Sarah and Rebecca, thank you so much for the lovely comments! Blessings for the rest of your week! Kelly-Anne