Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time for Tots - Activity #8

Hello everyone, I hope you are well? Sorry I haven’t done any activities lately, we have been quite busy lately!! With Mother’s Day coming up I thought I should do a tot activity with the little ones where the finished product could be given to Mommy.

We did hand printing and afterwards they got to paint fun pictures of their own.
This is a very messy activity but it is so much fun not only for the tots! All you need is a table covered in newspaper, craft paint (I used orange left over from my mom’s birthday tin vases), a paint brush or two, an apron for each tot and most importantly a bowl of warm, soapy water!

Approximate time to set up: 5 min
Approximate playing time: 10-15 minutes
Moderately clean, messy, or very messy: Very messy!

(As I have said before, don’t be put off by the ‘Very Messy’ factor, it isn’t that bad!!!)

Also, two weeks ago, my dear friend, Heidi-Mari did the very first ‘time for tots’ post on her blog, Heidi’s Crafts.  Her little brothers and sister painted eggs for the Easter lunch table.  Please hop over and have a look at her cute activity!

Aunty Karyn from ‘Graceful Girls and Brave Boys’ also very kindly did the second ‘Time for Tots’ post on her blog! Thank you very much for sharing your lovely ideas!!
But now for Rebekah and Gabrielle’s hand printing activity!

First paint your little tot sister/brother’s hand...

Carefully press your hand down onto the paper without smudging...

Lift it up and wow, you have a chubby hand print!

Do it again with the other hand, now...

I’d advise you to help!!

Washing hands is part of the fun!  (I had to pour the water out halfway because madam wanted to only play in the water)!

Gabrielle age 4 hands.

Rebekah age 1.10 months hands.

Now let them paint their own pictures!

Gabrielle painting flowers...

Rebekah’s picture...not quite sure what it was!!

If they want to do their own hand prints, let them!

Gabrielle’s hands...

Rebekah’s hands!

Please, if you have a fun tot idea then create a post on your blog like Heidi and Aunty Karyn did, tried and tested with lots of photos please! Please also give a link to THIS posting and then leave a comment with your actual link on THIS posting. I hope you can participate; there is plenty of time as this series will carry on for another few months!

‘To the tots’,


Julie said...

This so cute!!!! Your sisters are ADORABLE!!! Do you homeschool??? I homeschool right now... Where does your lil sister do ballet?? Is she looking to dance pro??? Thanks for answering.. you are sweet! Blessins!

Julie said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Gabrielle is just soo unbearably adorable!! I passed the pic of her showing her lil hands on the way up... and that face is just angelic!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Julie, I have to admit, my sisters are the sweetest ever! So cool that you homeschool, too...isn't it so much fun?! Nancy used to do ballet, but now that we live so far out of town, she just dances about at home...she has a real talent! Have a blessed day! P.S. Gabrielle is my angel and I am 'Her Kelly'...isn't that too sweet?!

Julie said...

O my gosh.. too sweet!!! Ya it is super fun! Awww will you maybe post a vid of her dancin??? I am OBSESSED with ballet and love to watch others dancing!! Hav a fab day!!