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Learning through Living - Fish Hoek Part One

My sisters and I have had a very full life and we have learnt so much over the past few years. We have lived almost all over South Africa and if we haven’t lived in a certain place, we might well have visited it on our travels!

We have seen beautiful countryside, long stretches of ocean, busy towns and hectic cities! We have seen so much and sometimes we forget to take moving around the country as a blessing – we have learnt things most of our friends haven’t!

I decided to take you through our travels, showing places in beautiful South Africa that you might not have visited before. I want to show you crazy things we have done but enjoyed so much! So now sit back and enjoy looking at the heap of photographs I have to show you! I know it might or might not inspire you to step out of your front door and tour the beautiful countryside that you live in! But we learnt and we are learning about life and the world around us through living!

Each week I will show you a different place we’ve lived in.

This week I am writing about Fish Hoek, Cape Town. My dad got a job as an Instructional Designer at a company in Cape Town. He worked long hours, compared to teaching. There were fewer holidays, but in the evenings we looked forward to his homecoming. Before he came home though, we cleaned the house and made sure we were bathed and had supper ready. That way we had more time to spend with him! This is part one of Fish Hoek, in part two I shall tell you about life when my dad got retrenched and how he got a teaching post at a high school.

Gabrielle playing in her sand pit.

Nancy and Beth built many tents out of doll blankets and towels!

Gabrielle insisted upon going to sleep with her new ball!

“I can’t see anything!” Beth trying to see the bird...

Beth on her 4th birthday with the hobby horse my mom made for her which she called Rosy. Rosy is also often also called Chester, her thoroughbred gelding!

I started selling fudge around town.  My dad would walk with me and I would try sell in order to pay for my riding lessons.  After a month or so we got into the local market and I started selling a few other products! 

Me at my first proper riding lesson on Chariot.

On a hike in Betty’s Bay

The view of Betty’s Bay from the top of the mountain.

Nancy and Beth pretending to be monkeys...need they pretend...?

Gabrielle and Beth doing some sort of acrobatics on the grass!

Gabrielle and I playing with my pet rat, Rupert.

My mom and dad with me on my 12th birthday.

Gabrielle eating watermelon.

Beach babe.

Gabrielle and Beth planting seeds.

Nancy planting her seeds.

Learning to jump on Nando.

Gabrielle on her 3rd birthday.

Gabrielle doing art.

Nancy on her 9th birthday.

Gabrielle on the tractor at Peregrine Farm stall, Overberg.

Four sisters on the tractor...a little while later and we took another photograph of five sisters on the tractor!

Beautiful Nancy on the swing

Beth on a picnic.

Gabrielle bundled up for the chilly weather!

Beth doing a craft...

And Nancy doing her craft...

...the finished products!  The tourist and the blue elephant!

My Granny’s stall at the Teddy Bear Fair.

Beth with her teddies on their way to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

Gabrielle getting stuck into the picnic lunch...who cares about the teddy bears!!

Nancy and I on Elsie’s Peak (Elsie’s Peak was the second blog post I ever wrote!)

Beth and I posing for a photo!!

The beautiful sunset

We had many adventures in Fish Hoek and I shall tell you about the rest in part two! A lot of these pictures I am sure you have already seen because I had started my blog already. I love going through old photos and reading my old posts so under each already used photo I will give a link to the post I did and you can go through the old ones too!!

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