Monday, May 2, 2011

Gabrielle's 4th Birthday

Last Sunday, Gabrielle, my second youngest sister, turned four. She had a special day and the week before Nancy, my mom and I had lots of fun making her presents.

Nancy and my dad turned an old dolls house into a beautiful one – the paint was peeling and it really was an eye-sore! Gabrielle is collecting little wooden people and their furniture and she needed a house for them, so after years of lugging this house around and using it as shelving, it finally came into good use!

Nancy painting the first coat on the house...look out for a post on doing up this house on her blog: coming soon!

My mom made the curtains for the windows and I made the pillows and quilt for the bed.  My grandparents bought her the mommy and daddy wooden people – Gabrielle got the children for Christmas 2010.

Gabrielle unwrapping the present I gave her...look at her sweet face!

Nancy made a few hair bands with felt flowers like the one Gabrielle is wearing in this picture. She loved her gifts and had a ball playing in her pink and white dolls house!

Rebekah also likes Gabrielle’s new toys.

We had tea and cake later in the afternoon with another family that lives close by.

My mom made a heart shaped cake with pink and white sweeties around the edges!

Blowing out her four candles

Delicious vanilla flavoured cake with bright pink icing!

A family birthday tradition is that the birthday girl gets to choose a meal and dessert for the evening – we usually have pizza and this time Gabrielle chose jelly and custard for dessert. We really enjoyed spending the day with her and we are so proud of our little sister!

Love you lots, Gabrielle and happy birthday!



Tess said...

Oh how sweet! Won't you please send our birthday wishes along to your sweet little sister:-) Gabrielle looks absolutly adorable - Im so glad she had a wonderful day! May Abba's face continue shine upon her as she blossoms from bud...

Hope you all are well? Seems an age since I last heard how things are progressing on yr side of the map:-) Hows the packing goin along? And the prep for Kynsna?

Stackeroonies of luvs honey..

Sarah said...

I have blog award for you!
Check it out at: Walking in the Narrow way
Here is the link:
In Christ

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello Tess...I will pass on the blessings to Miss Gabrielle! Packing going very slowly but my dad is already in Knysna and is staying in the hostel. I hope you and your family are well, too! Lots of love and blessings, Kelly-Anne xxx

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello Sarah...thank you sooooooo much for this cool award! Many blessings, Kelly-Anne