Friday, May 6, 2011

A Blog Award from Sarah!

Today, Sarah from ‘Walking in the Narrow Way’ left me a comment saying she had given me an award!

Thank you very much for this sweet award, Sarah!

For this particular award, I must thank the person who gave it to me, write seven things about myself and pass it on to seven other blogs, so here goes!

I love writing whether it is for school or for my blog. Anything to do with English I enjoy, like poetry and reading novels, one of my favourite being Pride and Prejudice!

I love playing Scrabble with my mom or Dad and card games with my sisters!

I have way too many guinea pigs, twelve of which are babies and another few that will be born soon!

I love my family and I am delighted that my mom is expecting baby number six!  They are the best family ever!

I enjoy photography and I especially love to take photographs of moving subjects!

I am passionate about horses and love to be around them whether on the ground or in the saddle.  I love to learn more about training them using natural methods and how to do things from ‘their point of view’, forming a strong bond while doing so.

And here I am at number seven already…I love to dress up in beautiful dresses, hats, jewelry and shoes, so whenever my sisters and I have a chance, we pretend we are young ladies from the old days when we wear gloves and have tea parties!

So now I must pass on this award to seven other blogs that I love, and I’d like to award:

Sherrin from the Drew Patch
Emily from Life with Emily
Mercy from My Weekly Photos
And Izi from My Pointe of View

Please hop over to these fantastic blogs and leave them some love!

Many blessings,


Rebecca said...

Love those pictures!
Congrats on the award!

Sam said...

Congrats on the the blog award!!!

Please send my congrats to your mum too on baby no.6!!!! Wishing her the best. When is baby due?

Glad you are all well and loving it on the farmm

Love Sam (Kom)

gracefulgirlsandbraveboys said...

Hi Kelly-Anne
Lovely to read some things about you in this post! I did a toddlers activity for you - not sure if you saw the comment on the tot School post so I thought I'd leave one here too incase you didn't :) love, Karyn

Crista "Moriah" said...

Thank you so much for awarding me, Kelly-Anne! :)


Sarah said...

Those guinea pig pictures are really cute!!
Congratulations upon the news that your mom is going to have another baby!!!!
I am glad I gave you the award :)
In Christ

Izi said...

Hi Kelly-Anne,

Thanks sooooo much for the blogger award. That's soooo cool!

Will chat soon,

Izi : )

Emily N. said...

Thank you so very much, girl! You are too sweet. ;-)

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Rebecca, I am glad you like the pics - thanks so much! Luv and blessings, Kelly-Anne

Hi there, Sarah...thank you for this award! The baby guinea pigs were born yesterday sometime but unfortunately the runt from the other litter died...however I have nineteen guinea pigs to look after!! Thank you for leaving me some love...Kelly-Anne

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Sam, thank you soooo much for stopping by! I'll pass the congrats on to her! Baby is due in October some time, but how is your little one doing??? I hope you are well and thanks again for commenting! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Aunty Karyn, thank you so very much for taking the time to do a tot activity on your blog, I did see your comment but life has been so busy that I haven't time to thank you yet!! I hope you are well and many blessings, Kelly-Anne

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Moriah, Emily and Izi...I love your blogs!! I am so glad I could award you and thank you for stopping by! Lots of love and blessings, Kelly-Anne

Sam said...

Thanks Kelly, my little one is 14 months old now and very very busy, we love him to bits!!!!

Sorry I don't always comment but always pop in to see what you are all up too. Really enjoyed reading about all the places you have lived.

Love Sam(Kom)

Sherrin said...

Thank you so much for listing me amongst the blogs you enjoy! It is encouraging to know that you have benefited from reading The Drew Patch! I don't know if I will have time to award others, although it is always tempting to write seven things about myself :)!! I will let you know if I get a chance to respond to your award.

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Sam, wow!! I can't believe your little one is already over a year...last time we saw you I think you wre still pregnant with him or he had just been born! Time does fly! Thank you again for taking the time to leave a comment and enjoy your little one! Love Kelly-Anne

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Sherrin, please don't worry if you can't get to writing about the award! I hope that life will soon not be so busy that you can continue writing in The Drew Patch!!! Enjoy your little ones!!! Many blessingsa nd love, Kelly-Anne