Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Granny's Cottage in Bain's Kloof

My mom had a lovely week with her mother in Bain’s Kloof, going for hikes, relaxing and listening to the birds singing. My granny stays in a tiny log cabin in the Bain’s Kloof Mountains near Wellington, Cape Town. Although only fynbos are her ‘flowers’, she manages to grow some veggies as she is a passionate gardener!

She has a mongoose that she calls ‘Monty’ and she feeds him and thus he has become quite tame. There is also a tortoise called ‘Speedy’ and many people laughed when they saw him because my granny had glued patchwork hearts on his shell so that she would know him whenever he came to visit her!

Her cottage is decorated in patchwork hearts, curtains, duvet covers and more! It is really beautiful and she has made a cute garden as well by growing plants in old boots and shoes and by putting out bird feeders to attract the birds!

It is quite an experience to walk into her cottage and I thought I would put some pictures of her cottage here on my blog.

The front of my granny’s cabin.

One of her little gardens (she has quite a few in different parts of her plot to follow the sun or shade).

Her braai (barbeque) area.

Her kitchen is so cute and she keeps it alive with bouquets of fynbos.

Her lounge with the stairs leading up to her bedroom in the attic.

My granny makes traditional jointed teddy bears for a living so don’t be surprised if you find bears in every nook and cranny in the house!

On my granny’s deck where she does her sewing and bear-making.

She managed to grow some Hubbard squash!

The beautiful Bain’s Mountains.  My granny’s cabin is built on a game park and there are several other cottages in the park.  Most people go there on holiday, but as my granny’s fiancée is the park manager, she stays there permanently.

So now you know where my mom was staying...



Rebecca said...

What a cute little cabin! Looking at those pictures makes me want to live in a cabin like that :)
In Christ,

se7en said...

What a wonderful place to go and rest!!! Just lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little haven. So creative! Your grranny sounds amazing :)9 Thanks for sharing this

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello Se7en!! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you and your family are all well! Love Kelly-Anne

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Karen, my gran's cottage is amazing and so is she! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a comment! Love Kelly-Anne

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi there Rebecca, it is a cute cabin but very small! Our whole family once stayed there and I must say, it was a bit of a squish! Have a great day further, Love Kelly-Anne