Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rebekah's Second Birthday

Yippee! I’m so glad to be back on my blog...we are almost moved in and set up with routines already established! But this post is for Madam Rebekah because it was her second birthday yesterday! I have another post filled with pictures of the farm and our lives that I will post another day!

Rebekah celebrated her birthday yesterday and what a special day we had as a family. Rebekah couldn’t understand why we were paying so much attention to her but I think she quite liked it. The morning was usual with school and naptimes, but in the afternoon Daddy came home from work early to spend the afternoon with his little Rebekah. The other girls and I cleaned up the garden and set up the party table while Mom got snacks and party food ready. When Rebekah woke from her nap, we were ready for action.

Rebekah wasn’t too sure if she liked the photo-shoot thing!

A hug for Mommy!

Because it was a toddler party, there weren’t any decadent things and because we dont have an oven at the moment we had to have little cupcakes that my mom bought, but it didn’t matter, Rebekah didn’t mind at all!

It was just our family at the party but because we are so many children nobody knew the difference!  We just wanted to watch her play with her present...

 Rebekah blowing out her two candles.

I made her a card, but I will do a post on that another day...little ones aren’t really interested in paper or fancy cards, so it is mainly a keepsake! Our friend made her a little apron, Granny and Oupa paid for a new outfit and Nancy bought her some lovely crayons.

 Opening the presents is (almost) the best part of a party!


What a sweet little princess apron! (She loves it so much and now she will have something to wear over her clothes when she is helping Mommy cut up fruit!)

  Opening Nancy’s present of crayons - perfect! She is always taking Beth and Gabrielle’s crayons and pencils but now she has her own that NOBODY is allowed to touch!

And now for the best gift of all that she has wanted for quite a while....


Go, girl, go!

And now our little Rebekah is a little more baby:( It is a birthday tradition that we look through our baby photos and Madam loved to see the “baba” on the computer. Can you believe that two years have passed since I posted the news that our baby had been born? Here are some of Rebekah’s baby photos:

Beth and her baby sister.

She was our smallest, sweetest baby but she has grown into such a beautiful little girl and we are very proud of her and love her so very much!


Heidi-Mari said...

Hi Kelly!
Happy Birthday Rebekah for Friday!
She is so sweet and looks SO cute in her little apron!
I'm so glad you're blogging again! Can't wait to see her card too.
Have a blessed week my friend!
Lots of Love

Sam (Kom) said...

Hi Kelly
So glad to see you are all safely back at the farm and blogging again!!
Happy Birthday Rebekah and I love the apron.
We just moved and it took 6 days to get all our things to our new place, it was exhausting. I don't know how you guys do it!!
Looking forward to hearing all about the farm and what you are all up too.
Sam x

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly. just had a chance to stop in on your blog and use the opportunity to say hi to you and the family. trust you all settled in now and enjoying the small holding. twee riviere is much quieter without you guys and Aunty Charlene misses your company and your help with the kids and the kitchen.Keep shining for all to see. Regards Donovan