Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Floods and Beautiful Rain on the Farm

Last week Wednesday we had lots of rain through the night, resulting in a small flood and Dad having to stay home because the rivers had flooded out and he couldn’t get into Knysna to work! He spent the morning digging trenches to drain away the water that had overflowed from our 30 thousand litre tanks! Nancy and I had to sweep the water off the porch...we couldn’t even see the door mat because it was covered in water! Both my bedroom and my parents’ bedroom were under water and we spent the better part of the day mopping up buckets of water as the rain continued to pour down!

Later that day, once everything was a little dryer, the girls and Mom and Dad went for a drive to see the damage. I stayed at home as I had a headache. These are the photos that they took of the rushing rivers and of the road that washed away!!

This is where we live, on a farm in Kraaibosch, near Knysna and we love it! 

The Knysna area has been in drought for some time and everyone, especially those living on farms with only tanks for their drinking, bathing and cooking water, had to go very easy and not even flush the toilets too often!  It was amazing to hear so much rain fall and to see so much water!  Praise God, He certainly supplies all our needs! (P.S.  Had a gooood, loooong shower thanks to all this rain!)

The Great Homtini River

The three younger girls.  From left to right, Rebekah age 2, Gabrielle age 4 and Beth 7 in July.

Nancy and Beth

It’s amazing that water did this...

Here is the road to Sedgefield which washed away!!

We really live in a beautiful part of the country and I am so happy! I just have to look around me, even a short distance away and I see beauty...when I’ve had enough of the farm for a little while, I catch a lift into town with a friend and spend some time at the library where my dad picks me up after work – I very quickly want to come home to peace and quiet least while the little ones are asleep, that is!



Heidi-Mari said...

WOW Kelly what a lot of rain! We are also having a very rainy day today! They say tomorrow will be like this too and CJ have a horse riding show! So glad you could have a nice long shower!
Have a blessed day my friend!
P.S. Thank you for the comments on Danika’s new blog!! She loved them!

Bowler`s said...

Hi Kelly,
glad to hear you are all well.
So you Mom was right when she said that it always rains when you are that end.

Say Hi to all from us.


Anonymous said...

Wow, hectic flooding! I hope your house doesn't flood again but wonderful that the drought seems to coming to an end. So glad you are all happy there - God bless your family! love, Karyn