Monday, June 27, 2011

'Sewl Mates' and a New Hobby

Finally, after much begging from Nancy, I have taken up sewing...well, there is a bit more to the story than just that.  It started with Beth and Gabrielle a few days ago.  They wanted to play Barbie dolls and I said I’d ‘play’ with them (dress the dolls, etc.), but I was shocked at the state of the Barbie dolls and at the clothes, linen and furniture!  “What happened?” I wanted to know!  When Nancy and I were little we played for hours with our Barbies, inventing amazing games for them and we made sure all our things were intact.  Unfortunately the little ones came along and...well...we moved and...well... there’s a baby in the house and a puppy....soooo – things are a little muddled!  I decided in my ‘bee in my bonnet’ way to do something about this...’Kelly to the rescue’ you could say!  Beth’s seventh birthday is on the 22nd of July and I heard her say she wanted a new Barbie doll and Barbie things...Aha!  A perfect idea, but help!  I don’t like sewing at all!  But I was determined and what do you know?  I NOW LOVE SEWING!!!! 

Sewing the Main Bedroom things: a floral duvet.

I spent ages in our little sewing room which doubles up as a garage with Dad’s tools and things and our washing machine. Chores were left undone and blogging put on hold because I was busy – busy, busy, busy! You might say Mom and Nancy were a little surprised but Nancy soon got over it and started helping me make duvets, pillows and tablecloths for Beth’s birthday surprise! We now call each other ‘Sewl Mates’ instead of ‘Soul Mates’! It is a dream come true for Nancy because she now has a sewing partner! We are going to be very busy the next few weeks making lots of things for Beth and working hard helping with the family fudge business (and selling baby guinea pigs!) so that we can buy Beth a mommy Barbie and a baby Barbie!

Older child’s duvet ready for sewing up and frilly pillow.

Baby Barbie’s quilt and pillows ready to be finished.  Nancy is working on another one like this just in case there are twins!

The duvet and pillows for the main bedroom also ready to be completed!

So if I am a little scarce, you can remember I love sewing and that I am probably sitting in the room with pins and material, sewing to my heart’s content!


P.S. Nancy and I made all these things by ourselves and had a wonderful time!

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