Friday, March 25, 2011

Time for Tots - Activity #5

Hello everyone, I hope you are well? I am so sorry that I had to postpone last week’s ‘Time for Tots’. We had a terrible tummy bug in our home. Rebekah, Gabrielle and Beth had it. My dad and I showed signs of starting, but managed to get over it, which was fortunate because my mom became horribly ill. Thank you to those who prayed for our family, because we are now better and my mom is on the mend!

And here is the first person to submit their tot ideas...Thank you to Sherrin from The Drew Patch for sharing!

So now here is this week’s tot activity – I hope you like it. Nancy prepared it for Madam R and did it with her, I took the photographs!

Prepare yourself for a lovely, messy tot activity that I am sure your little ones will love!

The recipe for finger paint is really very simple: just mix one cup cake flour with 1 cup water until the right consistency and then add food colouring to make it more interesting for the little ones!

First dip your fingers in the paint...

Then start painting your beautiful picture...

...then paint some more, adding a little more detail...

...And take some more paint!

“Look at my hands!” Rebekah age 1.9months

{Remember, you can also share your tot activity ideas! Just create a post on your blog with your idea (tried and tested with photographs, please!) and give a link to THIS post here on my blog. Then come back to THIS posting and leave a comment with a link to your actual blog post. The rest of the rules are HERE. Please join in the fun! I always need new ideas for things to do with my little sisters!

Have a lovely day and have fun!

‘To the tots’


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly-Anne I have so loved this series - you have inspired me to get messy with my toddlers - something I don't do very easily :) I have finally put something on my blog as an activity though its far less creative than yours! I plan to do a few more in the near future. Thanks for the inspiration. with love, Karyn
p.s. The link is

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Aunty Karyn, thank you so very much for taking the time to do a tot activity - it is much appreciated and I am so glad Madam R and I have inspired you!!! I think your idea is very creative and lots of fun!! Love and blessings, Kelly-Anne