Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time for Tots - Activity #4

Hello everyone! Time for tot activity #4! I have been pretty busy lately and haven’t had much time for tot school thought, but I put together a nice and messy activity anyhow!
Madam R (or Rebekah) played with toothpaste and a mirror – easy to prepare and fun to do! However, I think this activity would be better for a child 2 years or older, as their concentration span is longer!
Madam R had fun anyhow and afterwards I set her to painting the steps with water so she could wash off!

Madam R didn’t really know what to do with the toothpaste!

“I know you!” Rebekah age 20mo

Just smear it all over the mirror!

“My hands...hmmm...they smell nice!”

Please remember to send in your tot activity ideas! All you need to do is write a short blog post like this one, with your idea (tried and tested with photographs, please!!!) giving a link to my blog and THIS posting. Then come back to THIS POSTING and leave the link to your actual posting in the comments section. Please read the rest of the rules HERE. Do join in, I always need new ideas!

Have a lovely day further and enjoy your tots! For those of you that don’t know, I have some exciting news to share with mom is expecting Baby Gray #6! We are so excited! I now have to keep Rebekah busy while my mom rests as she struggles with bad pregnancies, but the end reward is great! So expect more tot ideas!

‘To the tots’,

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