Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Milkshakes and Exciting News!!!

Last weekend my mom and dad treated us by taking us out for milkshakes! Little did we know that they actually had some news to share with us.
The little ones enjoyed playing on the jungle gym while the big ones watched and I took photographs!

Our three littlest ones – from left to right: Miss Gabrielle turning 4 in April, Lady Beth turning 7 in July and Madam R turning 2 in June.

Rebekah or Madam R

Lady Beth

Miss Gabrielle

Nancy and Madam R on the swing

Lady Beth playing on the ‘horse’, a pole put on rope to form a kind of swing.

Strawberry milkshake – what a treat!


After milkshakes my mom and dad shared the news with us. It came as such a surprise to us all, Nancy and I especially. Beth, Gabrielle and Rebekah couldn’t really understand very well and thus were not terribly excited…

But now I should tell you all the wonderful news too…

My mom is expecting Gray Baby #6! Yes, another baby! I was very surprised because although I had been praying for a while, I didn’t think it would REALLY happen! So now as life gets busier and busier I might not have much time for posting, but know that I think of blogging all the time and I have not forgotten to post! My mom struggles with difficult pregnancies and is flat on her back most of the time – I’m happy because it means she might rest a bit – you know what moms are like, always running around cleaning and that, but I intend for my mom to rest for most of this pregnancy!

Oh just think...another baby to love, another baby to cuddle!

Here are some pictures of our last little blessing, Rebakah Faith...photographs keep us inspired to carry on even in tough times. We have to focus on the blessing that lies ahead!

Madam R on the day of her birth...

A few days old...I can’t even remember her as a baby!

Such a sweetie...!

Have a lovely week ahead!



Tess said...

It is indeed such wonderful news!! I know things will probably increase on a general scale in the house-hold, but this little addition is a great blessing Abba has seen fit to give your family. He knows what is best to bless your family with, and we are all anticipating this expected arrival with much joy!

Love to the family...

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you soooo much for stopping by and commenting, Tess! Thank you too for the encouragment - it really helps!!! It was lovely to see you and your family on Saturday - miss you lots!!