Friday, March 4, 2011

Cows and Girls

Our family had to look after the farm over the weekend as the Grobler family went away to visit their two older children who live two hours or so away.
That meant we had to feed the chickens and see to the fetching and milking of the cows.
Every morning, after milking, the cows get taken down to graze.
The one morning my dad took the cows down and the girls went with him. I stayed home picking kilograms of figs for jam!

Here Nancy lets the cows out of their overnight enclosure

Walking down the road chasing the cows through the orchards…

Herding the cows into their field
My dad took some gorgeous photographs of Beth and Gabrielle:

Gabrielle age 3 and Beth age 6.  Beth doesn’t look too happy because she had just shocked herself on the electric fence.

We really live in a beautiful part of the world!

Gabrielle posing for a photograph in the apple orchard

Beth is so photogenic!

I hope you had a fantastic week full of joy and blessings!

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