Sunday, March 20, 2011

InFood - Jeffery's Bay

We visited Jeffery’s Bay on Friday as my dad needed to deliver a few orders along the way. One of the shop’s in Jeffery’s Bay that we supply fudge to is called In Food. It is a very smart, professional restaurant and deli owned by Jane Davies. Jane has had the privilege of working with Jamie Oliver and it was quite a feather in our caps when she complimented us on our fudge by ordering 3 different flavours!
I decided to take some photographs of InFood to show you:

InFood grow some of their own veggies in raised beds (unfortunately people were having a meeting and I dared not disturb them by doing a photo-shoot of the outside!)

This shop is bursting with delicious sweets and savoury treats

Everything is beautiful at InFood! It really is an amazing experience to walk into such a shop!

So if ever you visit Jeffery’s Bay in the Eastern Cape, be sure to stop in at InFood and take a look! You will also probably see our fudge there too, so be sure to also give it a try and let me know what you think!


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