Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun at Jeffery's Bay

Friday morning we headed off to Jeffery’s Bay for the day.  We had fudge orders to deliver to shops and grocories to buy at the mall.  As a treat my mom and dad took us to the beach so that the girls could play in the waves and also have a picnic lunch!

Nancy and Lady Beth playing in the sea...they were a lot braver than me!

Miss Gabrielle played in the sand as she was a little scared of going into the water

Nancy decided to take Miss Gabrielle for a little swim

Nancy and I toured the rocks


Madam R found a doggy that she insisted upon loving...

Miss Gabrielle

The water was cold but Nancy and Lady Beth didn’t mind! I didn’t swim because I wanted to go to the scrapbook shop afterwards and I hate being sandy and sticky!

We had a lovely lunch and the girls enjoyed themselves so much. We just wished that we could have stayed longer! Gabrielle is still asking for us to please go to the beach again!

Have a lovely week further!



Heidi-Mari said...

Hi Kelly
Sound like you all had a lot of fun! It's really nice to have a picnic at the beach! I love the first one of Nancy and Beth and the 5th one of you! Rebekah is getting to big!
Miss you!
Lots of love

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello my dear friend, thank you so much for the comment! We did enjoy ourselves! Lots of love and blessings to your lovely family, your best friend, Kelly-Anne