Saturday, March 26, 2011

Learning through Living - the Long Journey to the Farm

My sisters and I have had a very full life and we have learnt so much over the past few years. We have lived almost all over Southern Africa and if we haven’t lived in a certain place, we might have visited it on our travels!

We have seen beautiful countryside, long stretches of ocean, busy towns and hectic cities! We have seen so much and sometimes we forget to take moving around the country as a blessing – we have learnt things most of our friends haven’t!

I decided to take you through our travels, showing places in beautiful South Africa that you might not have visited before. I want to show you crazy things we have done but enjoyed so much! So now sit back and enjoy looking at the heap of photographs I have to show you! I know it might or might not inspire you to step out of your front door and tour the beautiful countryside that you live in! But we learnt and we are learning about life and the world around us through living!

Each week I will show you a different place we’ve lived in.

This time I will show you our journey up to Bekezela Adventure Farm. My dad bought a caravan which was our home till we got to the farm. Along the way we camped at different sites and enjoyed the beauty we had never seen before! We visited places we never dreamed existed and walked along beautiful beaches and up magnificent mountains!

Our first stop was Paarl where we stayed at The Berg River Resort

Me on my bicycle

Washing the dishes at the sinks

Another place we stayed at was Glentana Caravan Park

We visited friends who live in Wilderness near George. We stayed there for a week. They also had a dam that Nancy and I enjoyed playing on.

The view from their house – stunning isn’t it?

We stayed in Knysna for a week and visited many places, too many to put on here!  Mom and her girls aboard the Three Legs, a boat that takes you to the famous Knysna Heads!

I remember it being so cold and windy that day and we had to wrap up warmly!

The famous Knysna Heads

We went for a walk in The Garden Of Eden near Plettenberg Bay

Me standing in the hollow of a tree!

We also visited the Knysna Elephant Park

Look at the size of that elephant!

Touching the tame elephants!

We stopped at Storm’s River Mouth for a day

The swing bridge

We hiked up to the top of the mountain because someone said there were dolphins one could see from the look-out.  We walked and walked with no shoes, no water...that someone hadn’t said how far up we should go.  Nancy’s favourite animal is a dolphin, but what a disappointment when no dolphins were to be seen!

Look at the view from the top – it was so worth it!

On the beach in Port Alfred

Coffee Bay Hotel, Eastern Cape

The beautiful beach in Coffee Bay!

On and on we travelled till we came to Howick, Kwa-Zulu Natal.  We stayed at Nutmeg’s Bed & Breakfast for a night before leaving to stay with our friends in Harrismith in the Free State. 

After a long journey we finally arrived at Bekezela Adventure Farm, Kwa-Zulu Natal!!!

And more about that in the next post – till then


se7en said...

What an amazing trip, I love reading about it!!!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello Se7en, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! I'm glad you like my post on our trip! Blessings, Kelly-Anne

Sherrin said...

This has been such a special post for me to read as I have been to many of these places on holiday. We went to a quilt shop in Paarl, went through Wilderness, and stayed the night in Knysna (wen tto church there too). Dave's Mum lives in Howick and we love it there too - I can imagine that you did have to travel "on and on" to get there from the Cape!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello Sherrin,

How lovely that you visited these places too, we had such fun traveling 'on and on' and gained so much experience! Have a lovely, blessed day and thank you for stopping by my blog - Kelly-Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly-Anne
I am so enjoying following your journey - fascinating to see as its close to my heart too. Your Mom and Dad are very brave :) Wonderful where your journey has taken you.

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi there Karyn, I am so glad you enjoyed this post! I must agree, my parents are amazing and yes, very brave!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Lots of love and blessings - Kelly-Anne

Sarah said...

Wow you have been to a lot of neat places!
Swing Bridge looked amazing!
Thank you for sharing!
In Christ

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Sarah,

I am so glad you enjoyed this post...I have had a lot of fun putting these together!

Lots of love and blessings