Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine’s Day Beaded Candle Holders

We are having a dessert evening this coming Monday to celebrate Valentine’s Day and more importantly my mom’s 40th birthday! We have three other families joining us, each bringing a different pudding. We too are making two or three puddings. It will be held here on the farm outside on the patio. We have decided to use candles to light up the area. My mom decided to make beaded candle holders out of old Purity jars to for this purpose!

Why don’t you try making your own?

You Will Need:
1 Purity jar
Assorted beads of different colours
A Tea light

Cut two pieces of wire, one to wrap around the jar and the other for threading the beads onto (the handle).  (Make the handle quite long otherwise the flame will burn the beads!)

Make a loop on the one side of the handle and thread on the beads.

Make another loop on the other side and attach to the wire around the jar.

You’re finished!

Pop in the tea light, attach a piece of ribbon to the handle, and hang in the tree!

We made about fourteen of these candle holders! They are fun to make and pretty to see!

I will post pictures of the pudding evening very soon!


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