Monday, February 21, 2011

My Mom's 40th Birthday

On Monday my mom turned 40! We decided to have a desserts evening to celebrate. We had three other families join us, each bringing a pudding. Throughout the week we had been busy making decorations and preparing the puddings we were making.
The theme was ‘pink and orange’ and we had lots of fun preparing everything for the party!

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After lunch on Monday my mom and I went to a lady who lives quite close to us. She is a hairdresser and works from home for very reasonable rates. This was my mom’s first cut in about 3 years!
After that we had to hurry back to set the table and get dressed because our guests were coming at 7:00pm!
Here are some of the photographs of our ‘Desserts Evening’:

Some of the delicious desserts!

A beautiful evening for a party!

The dessert in front is called Peach Classic Choc. Cheesecake.  It is made with our own cottage cheese and our own preserved peaches.  We also made the chocolate biscuits that are crushed for the layers!  It is a very rich dessert!

Coconut chocolate squares...


We had a lovely evening of desserts and fellowship!

Dear Mom, I hope you had a lovely birthday and enjoyed your desserts evening. Love you lots, Kelly-Anne


Sarah said...

HI Kelly!
Happy Birthday for your Mom back then!
The puddings looked amazing!

Pam said...

I love you and your dear family, how precious you all are. What a blessing you are to me. Lots and lots of love