Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time For Tots - Activity #2

Hello everyone! Time for tot activity #2! It is quite an easy, non-messy activity and you can whip it up in less than 5 minutes for that possible ‘bad day’ which might perhaps occur sometime this week, though I pray not!
Toddlers can really only concentrate for their age plus one minute – not very long in Madam R’s case. She is going on two years so she played with this activity for - 3 minutes! Not very long, but long enough for me to get some cute photographs!
So here is what I did with her this morning – we played with ‘Tongs and Toys’. She learnt how to use the tongs and how to transfer each toy from one bowl to another.

You just need two bowls, tongs and various toys and things from around the house!

Pick up one toy...

...And put it in the other bowl...

...And again...this time with deep concentration!

She soon ended up playing with the toys instead of picking them up with her tongs!
Please, don’t forget you can also share activities. Just write a post on your blog with fun and easy tot activities and link your actual blog post HERE. I need all the activity ideas I can get!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

‘To the Tots’,

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