Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rebekah And The Hose Pipe

Rebekah is the youngest in our family. She is the cutest thing you ever laid your eyes upon and wants to do everything her big sisters do. Her older sister, Nancy, age 11, is responsible for fetching drinking water. We have to fill 5 litre containers about twice a day with fresh rain water from the tank outside because the tap water is not fit for drinking. Rebekah views fetching water with Nancy as ‘her job’. Nancy prefers to fetch water when madam R isn’t looking so that she doesn’t have to look after a tot while filling up the bottles. Sometimes she gets it right, but if Rebekah spots Nancy going without her, there is a big shout and she runs to also fetch water with Nancy. It is amazing to see a toddler taking full responsibility for such a job. She knows this is just ‘her job’. No matter what, she sticks to helping her big sister fetch the water!
The other morning whilst I was watering the garden, Rebekah toddled up, wanting to try hold the hose and give the plants a refreshing shower of water. Of course I let her try, guiding her ever so slightly so she didn’t wet the things that didn’t really need to be watered (like me!). Despite my attempts to hold the hose too, she broke free and I stood aside, letting her water wherever she felt it necessary. My dad came out with the camera and once Rebekah spotted him, she immediately turned the hose pipe on him. I was next in line to have a thorough soaking and I unfortunately couldn’t get out of the way and I found myself being sprayed with much enthusiasm from her! Needless to say Madam R enjoyed herself thoroughly, laughing at my protests and pleas to stop!

“Are you hot, Daddy...?”

“What did you say…?  Are you also hot, Kelly…?”

“Right, Kelly’s turn...”
Rebekah is truly a blessing and I do know that even when she gives us trouble, which as human beings we tend to do, she is still one! Again I have to remind myself to just love and to let things pass. Little sisters can teach you wonderful things sometimes. Other times they help you learn to just ‘chill out’. I got absolutely soaked but do you know it was lovely seeing the naughty look on her face! She had a blast wetting me! Yes, I had to dry off and, yes about 20 minutes of my morning time was spent on this soaking episode but she had fun and it built into our relationship. Sometimes we forget to enjoy each moment that comes our way. I enjoyed this moment, she enjoyed it and we became better friends!
I do think, however, that this job should not be encouraged because some days it’s a little cold and I REALLY don’t feel like being sprayed with ice cold water! But of course, if she views this as one of ‘her jobs’ too, I’ll have to just enjoy the moment, like I said I should!!

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