Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hot Days And Swimming

It has been so hot here in the Langkloof!  In the afternoons we sometimes get thunder and lightning and heavy rain! We go swimming almost every day in the leiwater channel to at least try and cool off, but once we get out and come back to the house, we are already almost dry!  Sometimes we go swim in a dam (there are lots of dams around here) or in the river, but the channel is closest to the house, so most of the time we go there!

When swimming in the channel you need at least two people – one to block up one end of the pipe...

And another to sit on the other end...
Once the water reaches a certain level, you stand up and the water gushes through the pipe and the person sitting on the far end pops out and gets to have a refreshing ‘dunk’!

Then very quickly the person who blocked up the pipe runs to join the person who is being dunked with gushing water so you can enjoy yourselves together!

The other night we were so hot from playing games outside that we decided to go and have a dip (this was at 8:00pm)! It was lots of fun!
We are really enjoying ourselves here on Bethany farm!
Have a wonderful week!


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Tess said...

Tehe!! I so enjoyed this post brings back such good memories for myself!! Foofy-sliding down the furrow is one of my favorite things to do at Bethany:-)A lekker cool-off hey?

Much Love!!