Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Award!

Today my dear friend, Heidi-Mari from ‘Heidi’s Crafts’ left me a comment saying she had given me a blog award!
Thank you soooo very much Heidi! It was such a surprise to me!

The aim of this award is to give it to 3 -5 blogs you have visited that are relatively unknown and bring them to light [not with thousands of followers already]. So here are the terms for accepting the award:

I had to first create a blog post showing my award and that I accept it, which I have done!
I then had to show who gave me the award and give a link to her blog – done!
I finally had to pass on the award to 3 – 5 of my favourite blogs – done!

So here are the blogs that I want to give this award to:

Urban Homestead South Africa
Definately one of my favourite blogs ever! It is so inspiring to read because I’m a very keen gardener!

Practical Pages
A wonderful homeschooling blog that both my mom and I enjoy!

Maiden Of Mercy
Mercy’s blog is really beautiful and I don’t always get to read it, but when I do, I enjoy seeing all she and her family have been doing! Mercy also takes the most beautiful photographs!

~ So thank you again, Heidi for this wonderful award!

Blessings to all,


Wendy said...

Dear Kelly Anne

I am honored that you read my blog and for the award. Thank you so much Precious One.


Maiden of Mercy said...

Hey Kelly,
Thanks so much for the reward. I love your blog too. Hey, I have a question for you, Were you born in South Africa? I was just wondering about that. How many siblings do you have? Hope to hear from you. Have a great day then.
Love Mercy

Maiden of Mercy said...

haha.. I should have said award. Sorry about that.

Nadene said...

Thank you so much for your kindness and this lovely and very unexpected surprise! I have loved catching up my reading on your blog. I have sat here weeping with joy for the Lord's goodness and kindness to you and through you! Your pink tea party was especially beautiful and I'm so glad you all have such intimate and precious times together with the other family at Bethany! I hope we can visit you all when we next come through!