Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Walk At The Wetland

This morning, we went for a walk at the wetland.

The wetland is a block away from us, so it is nice f0r us to take a walk there now and then. When we first moved here, it was almost a daily outing, now, with so much going on, we don't often go there.

We always take the short route around the wetland - with little people, a long walk is terrible. Usually they start complaining they are tired, or thirsty, or hungry, or just moan, so we have found that cutting our walk by half, is best!

Once, my dad and I took a walk there when it had finished raining, or so we thought! We took our time, but half way, the rain clouds were forming again!! We hurried, but needless to say, it started to rain before we reached home- not just a light drizzle, but a huge rainstorm!! We got very wet and cold!!!

Today was a little rainy, with a few light showers, but when we set out on our walk, it was clear!

We needed to shake out the cobwebs, as it was raining yesterday, so little people (and big people!) needed some fresh air! We were like the three bears, except we were 6 people, taking a walk straight before lunch (instead of breakfast) waiting for our food to cool! Fortunately, Goldilocks didn't come, we locked our house up well!

As I said, before lunch we traipsed out, Beth on Rosy, her beloved hobby horse which mom made for her fourth birthday; Gabrielle on her shop-bought hobby pony, Pink Lady; Nancy on her bicycle; Mom pushing Rebekah in the pram; and me with the camera - it goes everywhere with me!!

We (Mom and I) wanted to tire the others out, so that they would sleep this afternoon.....It worked, they were soooo tired at the end of the walk!


The lone rider....Gabrielle



Elsie's' Peak

Beth smelling the fynbos

I love this picture!

Beth and her hobby horse, Rosy.

Gabrielle had an accident

Rebekah looking on

Poor hobby horse, Pink Lady!

Poor Gabrielle!

Nancy exceeding the speed limit! (LOL!)

Little Birdies!

On the run! Beth rides her horse fast - jockey girl!

Beautiful Rebekah!

We had such a peaceful, quiet walk. We only saw 1 lady with her dog on the path!

Have a wonderful day further!



Heidi-Mari said...

Hi Kelly
Looks like you had great fun!
You took beautiful pictures.
Lots of love

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello Heidi!!! It was lovely!!! Hope you are having a great week!