Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cuddling Our new Guinea Pigs!

Our little baby guinea pigs are getting big! Last Saturday, Candy Cupcake gave birth to them. They were a bundle of scraggly fur, but the next day, they were beautiful and so cute!

On Monday, we held them for the first time. The most amazing thing about baby guinea pigs is that the moment they are born, their eyes are open, their teeth are fully developed, and in a day or two, they start eating solid food! Guinea Pigs are great pets because you don't need to look after them like you would puppies or kittens.

There are three of them, one is brown and white, the other is an ugly brown, but with beautiful markings and the other is black, brown and white. We named him Smudge, but the other two are still 'no-name-brands'. We will have to sell them when they are five or six weeks old, unfortunately. We are not that sad, because we know Candy will have more babies soon (hopefully) and Cocoa, Beth's guinea pig might also have babies soon, so we will have babies again soon!

So, as I was saying, we held the babies for the first time.

We could only hold them for a little while, because Candy was getting restless.

I held Candy, and she seems to be doing fine!

Here are some photos:

Three little guinea pigs all in a row!

'No-Name' 1;

'No-Name' 2

And Smudge!

Nancy holding Smudgy, her favorite. I have to say he is the handsomest, or prettiest - who knows. We are not sure if it is a he or she yet!

Beth holding 'No-Name'1

Gabrielle holding 'No-Name' 1.

And dear Toffee boy, my sweet male guinea pig (Candy's husband).

Don't you think our new guinea pigs are cute?

Have a super week!


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