Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Wonderful Week #5

Sorry, a little late!

Another wonderful week has passed us by! Fortunately not as busy as the last, but busy enough to make sure we were never bored!

A birdy came to visit our pine cone bird-feeder. I will do a post soon on how to make one.

I made yummy tomato, olive and basil pesto tarts with rosemary out our garden!

Our guinea pigs grazed. Dear Candy, the mother of our three baby guinea pigs!

They love having a good run!

Nancy holding her new-found favorite guinea pig, George.

We built an earthwom farm for my granny's birthday present. She lives in the Bain's Kloof mountains, and still manages to grow vegetables, so we thought an earthworm farm would help her! I will also do a post soon on how to make an earthworm farm!

My dad built a lid for the guinea pig hutch he built (on the left).

We moved bedrooms (again!): Beth and I welcomed Gabrielle into our room. Nancy and Rebekah now share a room. I have my work cut out for me, with two naughty girls in my room. Gabrielle got hold of the things in my cupboard yesterday - understand what I mean about having my work cut out? I don't mind, though! We are going to have fun!

Beth and Gabrielle's double bunk

My bed and the bean-bag Nancy can come and sit on when she is bored of being a bookworm!

My mom redid her craft and sewing room on the weekend. She cannot wait to go and create in there now!

And that is just about all that we have been up to this week! We hope yours was just as good as ours!


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