Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making Plum Jam

For a very long time, my mom has wanted to make jam. Hmmmm.......the thought of spreading homemade jam thickly over a buttered slice of bread, knowing that it was made by YOU and with lots of love....... Everyone said "No, jam is so difficult to make", but when my mom saw the blog post 'Pass The Jam...' on Se7en which gave a recipe to make plum jam, she just had to try it. Nothing was stopping her now!

On Monday, we made jam - plum jam! My mom had bought the most delicious plums from Peregrine farm stall near Grabouw. She used some of the sugar we were going to use for fudge. That was all it was - sugar and plums! "Okay" she thought, "this sounds easy".... and it was! Thanks Se7en!

Nancy pouring the sugar into our big 'fudge pot';

The plums;

Chopping them up;

Beth also chopped the plums into small pieces;

Still chopping;

Scooping the plums into the pot of sugar;

Mixing the sugar and plums together;

Nancy having a hard time stirring. The first few minutes while the sugar was not melted, were the toughest to stir;

Starting to boil;


Filling the sterilized jar with our own plum jam!

We managed to fill eight jars full of plum jam. We gave one to a friend we visited last night, one to Lisa, the pastry chef, one to my granny who lives up in the Bain's Kloof Mountains and one to my dad's colleague who so kindly gives my dad a lift to work on a Thursday when we need the car so I can go to horse riding!

Our jam is so thick! It is more like preserve, but we are so happy with our jam! We now want to find a recipe for sugar-free this space!


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se7en said...

Hi K-A, You guys look like you had such fun making jam!!! I think we need to get a big pot like yours!!! Have a good week!!!