Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Wonderful Week #6

I can't say this week was the best! I seemed to feel terribly tired! I didn't think we had done much this week, but when I looked at all the photos, I realized that, Wow!, No wonder we are so tired!

Here is our week in pictures!

Gabrielle looking at library books

Nancy built a pram out of building material from Smile. The Front with Rebekah's teddy.

The back - lucky teddy!

Beth playing games

Rebekah cuddling the baba. Rebekah is becoming so big, and already she wants to this space, it won't be long!

It was Granny's birthday

Nancy doing her Maths-U-See.......don't worry, I also do my maths, but I can never take a picture of myself!!

We did an 'earthworm practical'. We are doing a lapbook on earthworms (eugh), so we needed to really see what we were learning about. Nancy and Beth looking for earthworm cocoons. Same thing here - I also do it, but when I am not doing the photography!

My sisters played at the stream at my riding stables

Gabrielle making faces!

Making a 'handprint apron'.....share more about it soon!

Wordless Wednesday

Nancy, Beth and Gabrielle made fabric-painted pillows. Unfortunately, I was at horse riding when they painted them. Gabrielle pinning her pillow pieces together.

Nancy sewing her pillow. Nancy now has Monday nights to sew. She loves to sew and we are waiting for some big projects!

Mommy helping Beth sew.

Even Gabrielle helped sew her pillow together!

Stuffing it;

Nancy, Beth and Gabrielle with their cute pillows! Well done to them all!

And that is just about all the pictures for our week !

Hope you had a great week!


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