Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fifth Out of Ten//100 Follower Photo Challenge: Cats

This week the lovely Miss Tane at Fifth out of Ten celebrates 100 followers!  I am honoured to be among those 100 - I find her blog so inspiring and beautiful and always enjoyable to visit.

Miss Tane has decided to host a fun once off photo challenge to celebrate and her theme is 'cats'.  Pop over to her delightful blog here for more details!

Above is my entry for her contest...  This is the adorably fluffy Sarafina kitty - perhaps not the brightest feline around but certainly quite beautiful:)  Everybody falls in love with her cuddly nature and fluffy white coat!

Blessings this Sunday, friends!


Tangerine-Tane said...

Aww! She is beautiful. :) Wonderful work, Kelly, Sarafina is a star. ;) I really appreciate you entering my challenge, it makes me so happy!
Tane xxx ♥

Miss Kelly said...

Thank you, Tane:) I am so glad I got to enter! Congrats again! Love, Kelly