Monday, May 20, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks - Week Seventeen

Here we are at week number seventeen already..!  I am a craft or two behind, granted, but on the whole, I think we’ve done very well!  And I have some gorgeous ideas lined up which I’m hoping to try very soon, so do stay posted! 

In this post I told you about the Mother’s Day Brunch my sister, Nancy, and I planned.  We decided to use as many things we had made ourselves as the decor.  We strung up my handmade bunting, as well as used a chandelier created by Nancy out of vintage cutlery.  I thought that the lace imprinted plaster of Paris hearts featured in the September 2011 edition of Country Homes & Interiors Magazine (UK) would be beautiful as table settings...

And so they were.  Each family member received a pretty heart next to their teacup. 

I wouldn’t put this down as a very simple or easy craft, but it is fairly quick.  It takes some time to perfect, so allow plenty of room for experimentation with different lace designs, etc.  In case you would like to make one for yourself or as a gift for a friend, I have copied out the instructions for you.  For more lovely craft ideas, photography inspiration, sweet treats and gift ideas, view my recently updated Pinterest page here!

Plaster Hearts

You Will Need

Kitchen Foil
Offcut of heavyweight lace
Heart-shaped cookie cutter
Plastic straw
Plaster of Paris


1.  Place a piece of kitchen foil on your worksurface and lay the lace offcut centrally on top.
2.  Grease the inside of the cookie cutter with Vaseline and place this on op of the lace.  Lift the foil from the surface and mould it around the cookie cutter.  Cut a 5cm piece of plastic straw and keep it close to hand (this will form a hole in the plaster to allow the ribbon to be threaded through).
3.  When mixing plaster of Paris always follow the manufacture's instrcutions.  The plaster sets very quickly so make it in small batches to avoid wastage.  In a plastic jug, mix a small quantity of plaster of Paris then without delay and holding  the straw in place near the top of the heart shape (as in the picture), pour the plaster into the cookie cutter mould until it reaches the top.  (note:  I decided to make mine a little thinner.)  Continue to hold the straw in place for a minute or so.
4.  Leave for an hour to allow it to set completely, then carefully peel away the foil and push the plaster heart downwards to free it from the mould.  Turn the heart over and gently lift off the lace to reveal the pattern.  Remove the plastic straw and thread a length of ribbon through the hole.  Hang in place.   

Till next time, dear friends!


Ginger Girls said...

Lovely,I'm always looking for ideas like this that are homemade. And if I make one I might even put it in my room. Do you think some how you could put one or two holes at the top of the heart so that you could hang it up?[just an idea]Thanks!
Hair Stylist:)

Miss Kelly said...

Hello Hair Stylist, thank you so much<3

As seen in the above photo, I have made a hole in the plaster for ribbon. However, I chose not to hang it up as the magazine suggested, but rather thread a ribbon through and tie a bow. If you would like to hang yours up, step three of the instructions above explains how to go about doing it - you could then add an extra hole if you wish! Hope this helps:)


Ginger Girls said...

Yes thank you Kelly it did help.
Hair Stylist:)

Miss Kelly said...

Oh I'm so glad, Hair Stylist<3 Many blessings, Kelly-Anne xx

Tangerine-Tane said...

They look lovely! Wonderful work, Kelly. I'm sure your mother was delighted. :) I'm not so crafty, I would say that I am more the type to photograph or draw and sometimes paint, but not really crafty stuff. Still, I love your craft posts!
Tane ♥ xxx

Miss Kelly said...

Thank you, Tane! I am always so inspired looking at your beautiful drawings and photographs - you are VERY creative, too! Many blessings, Kelly-Anne <3