Thursday, May 9, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Fifteen

Hello everyone!  Happy Thursday!  Welcome back to another craft - I am almost caught up after a few weeks spent in survival mode...:)

Last time I told you all a bit about our crafty days with our new friend and the first craft we tackled.  This week I am going to show you photographs of a project set by Miss I.  She saw the idea on Pinterest and then tweaked it to suit our purposes.  A wonderful idea and such a gorgeous result<3 span="">

What do you think of my Tea Light Jar?


I have written out a few simple instructions for those of you who would like to make one for yourself or for a friend...

Start by gathering together...

1 large clean jar
A roll of thick string or twine
Spray paint in colour/s of your choice
Cold or craft glue
Tea light
Ribbon in matching colour (optional)

Start by securing the end of the string to the bottom of your jar with a little glue.  Wind around your jar to form a pattern – it could be close knit or far apart – you decide.  When you reach the rim of your jar, cut the string and secure the end.  Leave to dry for a few minutes before painting.  If you want to create a speckled effect like mine, first spray two layers of white (or a colour of your choice) then very carefully spray the contrasting colour (I used blue).  It should make little ‘freckles’ on your jar.  Leave to dry completely before pulling off the string.  Place a tea light in the jar and add a bow to the rim.  Enjoy the pretty pattern the light creates on your wall...

Stay posted for more craft ideas!



Ginger Girls said...

Kelly,I think your tea light jar is cute it looks very old fashion. I love the little bow at the top. CUTE!
Hair Stylist:)

Miss Kelly said...

Thank you Hair Stylist! I love my tea light looks so peaceful in the dark:) Much love, Kelly xx