Thursday, May 9, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Sixteen

Recently my mom gave each of us a box containing a few stationery items.  Being home educated, we also need pencils, scissors, felt tip pens, etc.  But I wasn’t happy with keeping my things together in one big, boring box.  I love to make things pretty and more interesting, so I decided to make a few covered tins to store them in…

My sister, Nancy, who is three years younger than me, came up with a specific way for covering old tin cans in scrapbook paper.  The paper, if left unprotected will eventually get a little grubby and tacky, so she used contact to cover and protect the paper.  Below are her instructions…

Measure the height and complete width of the tin you are going to be using.  Add one centremetre to the overall width to ensure the paper goes around the tin can completely.  Now cut a piece of pretty patterned paper/scrapbook paper out to this size.  Next, cut out a piece of contact, but add another 2cm to the width and 1cm to the height.  Peel off the paper layer of the contact to reveal the sticky side.  Lay it out flat and carefully centre and secure your scrapbook paper to it.  Trim the top edges, but leave the pieces of contact sticking out on either side of it’s width.  Now stick one end of the contacted paper to your tin.  Carefully roll the rest of the paper around the tin and secure with the exposed contact.  It is meant to overlap - this secures it and no one will see it.  Decorate with paper flowers, ribbon, pearls, buttons, etc – whatever you feel like.  Place your pens and pencils inside and enjoy working in style:-)

Crafty greetings!

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Ginger Girls said...

I love the paper you used to decorate the cans simply beautiful. For mother's day I made cans similar to what you did except I modge podge mine but your Idea is good to.
God Bless!
Hair Stylist:)

Emily Rose said...

This is such a cute idea! Love your blog:D

~Emily Rose

Miss Kelly said...

Thank you Emily Rose! And welcome as a new follower to my blog<3 So glad to have you! Many blessings, Kelly-Anne

Miss Kelly said...

Thank you, Hair Stylist:) I always appreciate your comments! Modge Podge is great fun, too! And I am sure your mom will love her gift! Love, Kelly-Anne