Sunday, May 5, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Fourteen

After all my good intentions of catching up with my craft challenge and blogging, I had a week that was far too busy for anything other than sheer survival!  My dear Mom awoke early the other morning with terrible pain in her lower back - she couldn't move!   Gradually the pain increased until my dad had to take her to the hospital...apparently chronic lumbar disc injury!  She was ordered to 3 days strict bedrest which proved to be quite a challenge!  Thankfully she is slowly recovering now, but those few days were very busy ones for Nancy and I while Dad was at work.  In them we also had to fit in a monthly shop for our larger-than-normal family and a repack of the kitchen cupboards to accomodate all the groceries! :)   The Lord helped us through, and here we are - still smiling and happy ( though more than a little tired!)

   But now...52 crafts in just 52 weeks – can we do it?!  

I thought I would also tell you about a new and exciting activity that occurs around here once a week.  We recently made a new friend through our music lessons, and she just happens to live very, very close by – in fact we’ve been walking past her house every day when we take the pooches for their run. 

As she is homeschooled and is about the same age as Nancy, we have become quite friendly with her.  We enjoy practicing our instruments together for an hour or so when we can, and furthermore we have begun crafty days together.  She comes to our home every alternate week to do a bit of baking and crafting, and every other week we go to her place.  That way we can take turns hosting.

Last Wednesday was our first session.  Ideas magazine came to my rescue when I found myself faced with finding and organizing a fun, easy craft in just a few days.  As we live fairly far out of town and only travel in when absolutely necessary, I had the added challenge of finding something we could do without having to go out and buy anything.

I decided to have us make some pretty paper beads to use for jewellery.... 

  The process...

What do you think of our lovely bracelets and necklaces...?

Miss I’s stunning bracelet...  You can make a single strand bracelet, or make a long necklace and double or triple it around your wrist for this effect...

 My sister, Nancy’s bracelet, which she could also use as a necklace...

I moved completely out my comfort zone, being a pastel kind of gal myself and created a very interesting necklace!  I wouldn’t ordinarily use these darker colours, but I find I actually quite like my design!

Nancy and I plan to make a whole lot of these paper bead strands when we have extra time (ahem) – they would make gorgeous gifts!  This project does take quite a long time - the preparation especially.  But if you have a free afternoon coming up with your name on it, think about trying out this lovely craft...

P.S.  When last did you visit my Pinterest page?  I have recently added a whole new section on recycled crafty things.  (Under the header ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.) You must definitely take a look at some of the stunning crafts I’ve pinned!  It is incredible what those clever people do with old ‘junk’ items!

Till tomorrow ~


Amber said...

Wow, it sounds like you did an amazing job while your Mom was layed up! What great practice! :)

It sounds like you have been getting crafty - that is really neat what cute jewlrey you can make with newspaper! I also enjoyed checking out your Pinterest!

How lovely to have a friend that you can get together with like that!

Thank you very much for your sweet comment on my blog! I need to get inspired to get a dress I was sewing out of the basement and finish it! Well, I think I need some guidance with it!


Miss Kelly said...

Hello Amber! Thank you, yes! It definitely made me appreciate what my mom does for us all the more:)

And thank you for your lovely comment - it is very much appreciated! And I hope you have fun sewing your dress - I am not experienced enough yet to try something like that, but I'm sure in time I will...!

Have a blessed week ahead!