Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Life of Izzie Part Six & Final

 The need for speed...and lots of fun:)  That’s what Jack Russells are made of!

I am probably the worst doggie blogger on the net.  Months have gone by without so much as a woof from my end of the tail.  How are all my friends out there?

Mom thinks that I have grown too much – there is no more puppy around here anymore!  That’s right; I am a gown up dog now!  I celebrated my first birthday on the fifteenth of January, and a whole year with my family on the 12th of March!

I am a happy pooch.  Pampered and spoilt some might say, but definitely loved.  I am a valued member of the pack now.  My whole family love and play with me and think well of me.  I have earned my spot as a doggie companion to my humans – I give them lots of cuddles and kisses and take them for walks.  One of my favourite jobs around here is keeping an eye on Sofia (and her lunch) and chasing away any monkey that may wander into the veggie patch.
  Sofia likes to throw pinecones for me.  She’s so sweet and thoughtful!

Yes...I have a good life.

Since I last wrote, lots of new things have happened.  Firstly, I attended my fist dog show with Mom.  We had a great time doing a 3.7km fun dog walk to support Animal Welfare, and an informal dog show.  Mom entered me in the Best Medium Dog, in which I was placed second (woof!) and in the Best Trick class, which I won!  Mom was given a huge container for dog food as well as plenty of Hill’s dog food to fill it.  I got treats and chew toys, a Frisbee and fold-up water bowls.  Treat bags and shampoo were also in the bag...  My family was so proud of me!  Although the walk and part of the dog show was rained out, I had lots of fun.  I got to meet new canines and humans and show off my talent!  Mom and her sisters, Aunt Beth and Aunt Nancy, were soaked to the skin, but kept smiling and drying me off.  Aww...they really love me:)  Grandpa did his part by dropping us off – he certainly wasn’t going to walk with a pack of barking dogs in the pouring rain!  BOL!  (Barking out loud!)

 Mom and I – soaked in the pouring rain.  Here we are getting ready for the show!

Secondly, we adopted a new canine.  Her name is Abby and she is really old – at least a good many years older than me, so I can’t really call her ‘sister’.  Instead I call her ‘Granny’.  She doesn’t mind in the least and keeps me in check with all her so called ‘wisdom’ which she apparently has gleaned over a hundred dog years or so.  Ha.  She loves to come for walks with Mom, Gran and the Aunts.  She doesn’t run around and fetch sticks like I do, she just ‘trots’ which is like a medium-fast to medium-slow walk.  She says it is called a ‘power walk’ and helps to keep off the extra kilos senior dogs are prone to piling on:-)    She’s quite a sprightly old lady, though!

  This is Abby.  She looks quite good for her age, doesn’t she?

“Haha!  Good joke:)” Abby and I had such fun in the forest!

Yesterday we went pinecone hunting (winter is on the way which calls for plenty of warm fires...) and Abby came along.  We got so excited when out came the leads and water bottles.  When we were invited to climb in the car, we went crazy!  We love going places in the car.  We drove to a nearby forest to look for pinecones and to have a little snack.  We didn’t even need leads – we ran around and played the whole time!

 We enjoy going places in the car...

As I once told you in a previous Dog Blog post, I usually sleep in my Mom’s bed.  But then she bought me my own bed and made me sleep in the lounge!  That didn’t last long because I cried and whined for her in the early morning which kind of put Grandpa out of spirits:-)  Now my bed is in Mom’s room, and I sleep in it half the night.  The other half is spent under Mom’s duvet, all cuddled up.  She’s always fast asleep when I sneak in, so she is never able to push me out!   When she wakes up in the morning, there I am all comfy in HER bed:)  I have to smile...

I’ve gotten over a lot of my fear of water – as long as it isn’t moving and crashing!

Other than that, all is well.  I have such a fun, happy life that I really couldn’t ask for more...except for maybe a few more treats and training sessions, as those help me further my knowledge of how to be a clever canine.

And now, here comes the sad part.  I have outgrown doggie blogging.  Mom promises to keep you updated, though.  She says I am big now and I obviously don’t have time in my busy life to regularly write:-)  Thus, I bid you farewell and a send plenty of wet nose kisses!

Paws up!

Note from Kelly:  Welcome to my lovely new followers!  In case you're wondering, Izzie is my Jack Russell Terrier.  I have had her for over a year now and we are great friends!  Click here to read previous 'Izzie's Blog' posts!  Enjoy:)


Grace Le Feuvre-Smith said...

Hey, Kelly I love this post SO much!
It is so cute and funny!:D Great work:)
Love grace xxxxxx ♥

Ginger Girls said...

Awwwwww Kelly I love how you wrote it like the dog was talking sooooo cute. By the way cute dog[Izzie].

Hair Stylist:)

Amber said...

haha It looks like Izzie and Abby have good time together! And Sofia looks like quite the little doll too! :)

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! I have seen a little of the Colin Firth version of P&P a little, but I am a little "prejudice" about the other one, so I haven't watched very much. ;-)

Have a lovely day!

Kelly said...

Hello Amber! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a message! I always loove to hear from new readers:) The BBC P&P is rather long (and ooold!) but is a lot more like the book. I still prefer the latest one with Kiera Knightly, though! ...I just adore the dresses...

Many blessings!

Kelly said...

Haha, thank you Hair Stylist! When I first got Izzie, she was just too adorable and so I thought it might be cute for her to have a 'doggy blog' on my blog! My inspiration came from the South African magazine 'AnimalTalk' where an English Springer writes a monthly column:) Iz and I are besties!

Kelly said...

Hey Grace! I am so glad you enjoyed reading 'Izzie's Blog'! I know I so enjoyed writing it...:0 Much love and hugs! Kelly xx

Tangerine-Tane said...

Oh, great job, Kelly! I really enjoyed this a lot! :) Izzie is so sweet. I have a jack russel cross fox terrier called Belle - and she is such a lovely, gentle dog. :D Anyway, wonderful writing! Congrats on Izzie coming second and first!
Tane ♥

Miss Kelly said...

Hey, Tane! Maybe I should keep on writing Izzie blog posts! I bought Iz as a Jack Russell, but our family are convinced that she is not a purebred - she could very well also be a Jack x Foxy! Izzie is the type of dog that would never turn on you...Sofia loves Izzie - she cuddles her and squishes very much a puppy in many ways she still nibbles and chews things - including hands! But she is a great dog and I love her! I appreciate you stopping by to leave me a comment, Tane! Have a super day further!