Saturday, April 20, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Thirteen

 I have been attempting to write this post for a several days now.  However, I am easily distracted with thoughts and little happenings in our busy lives.  But fortunately I find myself quite free and focused on this chilly Saturday afternoon in April.  My morning was spent making coffee at a local market, and I thought I would set aside a few moments this afternoon for giving you an update on our craft challenge...

First of all, I confess I am behind hand:-0  This is, of course, very upsetting, but due to certain computer issues [which are now hopefully sorted!] and a crazy week last week including sick littlies and a fun weekend getaway, I find I have lost track.  Which week are we in now?!

But I assure you, I am not one to stay behind for long.  Today I share craft number thirteen with the rest coming soon...:)

My sweet sister, Miss Gabrielle, hit the 'big six' on Tuesday the 17th, and Nancy and I had the privilege of making and decorating her cake.  As we were still recovering from a very busy weekend, we chose to keep it simple.  Nothing fancy, just something pretty and easy to put together.  Of course we didn’t bargain on the fun we were to have!

 Here is the sweet and simple cake Nancy and I made...I just love the bunny’s bottom sticking out the chocolate ‘log’.  I did the baking part – I decided to mix vanilla and chocolate flavours together and create a marble cake.  I made the icing while Nancy played with the plastic icing.  “It’s just like playing with playdoh, just better!”  She exclaimed.  We finished the cake off with green coconut for grass and some edible glitter for a fantasy effect.

Gabrielle was delighted with her cake!  How special to be able to make and create something for someone.  It is true then that it is ‘more blessed to give than to receive’.  Happy crafting and creating everyone!



Ginger Girls said...

That is a cute cake.My little sister would love it cause she likes Rabbits too!. Good idea about mixing the two cakes together I'll have too try that.
Hair Stylist:)

Kelly said...

Thank you, Hair Stylist! Blessings, Kelly:)

Grace Le Feuvre-Smith said...

Yummy work!! That cake looks GOOD!!
Great post Kelly :D xxxxxxxxxxx ♥

Kelly said...

Thanks Grace! It was rather yummy...:-) Love and hugs, Kelly