Monday, June 14, 2010

A Weekend Of Family, Friends And Fun

We had a wonderful time with family and friends this weekend!  We were out a lot on Saturday, but on Sunday, we enjoyed each others' company, here at home!!

We said goodbye to dear friends of ours in Durbanville, where Nancy, Beth and Gabrielle had a great time on the Jungle Jim!  I took some cute photos of them while they were playing!

After that, we went to another family that is also, very dear to us, for their little girl's seventh birthday party, where my sisters made cards!

Then we came home and watched a bit of Celtic Woman and Andre Rieu on YouTube.  While we were watching, Rebekah played with the powder and then dad joined in, and this is what he did to her!!!

Sunday was nice and restful!  We had a quiet morning,and then we decided to go for a walk, but as we stepped out of the front door.......the cloud burst and it rained for another twenty minutes or so, delaying our walk!

After the rain had cleared, we stepped into the sunshine that could suddenly disappear, as we have been experiencing serious 'Monkey's Weddings' these past few days!  We had a nice walk around the wetland together!!!  We got some well needed exercise and fresh air!


We had a very enjoyable weekend, and I hope you and your family did, too!!

Have a wonderful week ahead, and God bless!


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Meg said...

Hey Kelly! You must bring your bicycles here to Cape town again and we can go riding EVERYWHERE. I'm praying that I'll see you soon. Love Meg*