Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Abundant Supply Of Guinea Pig Greens

Yesterday my dad came home from the supermarket with a huge bag of greens for my guinea pigs.
Every time we have to visit the shops, I always get a bag of the leftover greens (cabbage, lettuce, beetroot leaves, carrot tops).  But I never get enough, so when my dad went to the shop, he asked the kind man at the weigh station to please keep a bag of food for him to come and pick up.  The kind man, Jeremy, kept back a whole  BIG bag of greens - enough to last me the whole week!  I was sooooo happy!

So I spent yesterday evening sorting and cleaning all the leftover greens my dad brought home.  I sorted them into bunches and tied them with elastic bands and then rinsed them because they were full of sand and would make our fridge dirty!  It took me ages!

Look at all this food - my guinea pigs won't go hungry!  Jeremy said that he will have another big bag of food on Wednesday, so listen up my dear guinea pigs, it's eat and feast for the next few days!!

It just shows you that there are still kind people out there!  Collecting these greens must have taken a while, because Jeremy first had to cut off all the leaves!  He even told my dad he would clean up the shelves, and take all the leaves that had fallen off, for my guinea pigs!

Often when I go and ask for greens, the kind ladies, or men are so sweet!  Some ask me the names of my guinea pigs, so I have to go through all five of my guinea pigs' names, and then I tell them I breed them, so there are more!!  Then they give me LOTS of food!

Nancy's new guinea pig, Honey.  Daughter of Toffee and Candy Cupcake.  As she is born from my guinea pig, you could say that "I" bred her!  Isn't she beautiful...just look at those eyes!!

There are still kind-hearted people!  Most people never smile, or say a kind word, but just when you think everyone is grumpy and unhappy, people come along and show you that there are still caring people in this world!

Have a wonderful week ahead and God bless!


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