Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Adventure!

Yesterday was spinning out of control - "Alright!  Off you go!  Go for an adventure to the wetland"  mom said, and so we did... Dad, Beth, Rebekah, Nancy and myself!

We decided to cycle, as it was the quickest way to the wetland and around it, so Rebekah sat in her special seat on Dad's bicycle and the rest of us on our own bikes.

Nancy and I packed a quick lunch and off we went, leaving mom and poor, sick Gabrielle at home for some rest!.

We went around the whole wetland until we found the bench that suited us best!  We plonked ourselves down and tucked into our sandwiches and biscuits!

We had a very nice time sitting enjoying the beautiful scenery - it wasn't the most well organized, best packed, relaxing picnic lunch - but it was lunch, and that was all we needed!

Ten year old, Nancy.

Five year old, Beth.

Phew!  It's thirsty work sitting on the back of Dad's bicycle!  Rebekah 

Beth blocking the way of one year old, Rebekah.

After lunch, Nancy and I raced to see who could cycle the fastest to the road and back - I won!  Dad did his share by timing us while Rebekah and Beth looked on.

Then we had to go home.  We found that such a quick and easy outing was all we needed to cheer ourselves up a little and get rid of the cobwebs!

Meanwhile Mom and Gabrielle had enjoyed the peace, and we enjoyed being outside in nature!

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