Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Holidays And Some News!

Happy holidays!  Yesterday the schools broke up for the holidays, so that meant my dad is now home for a month,as he is a school teacher.

It is so nice now that my dad is home and he can be with us!   We really miss him when he is at work, we love it when he is home!

Our dad is loved!  He really is a blessed  daddy!  When he has to go to work in the mornings, we are all very sad.  Sometimes Beth and Gabrielle are still asleep when he has to go to work, so when they wake up and find he is gone, there are tears!

We have really, for a long time prayed that our daddy could come home, and work from home, being with us all the time!

Another prayer of our family has been to live on a piece of land in the country, to raise our own meat and vegetables, and to live a self-sufficient life.... to homestead!

And God has come through! After years of prayer, He has made a way for us to move to a smallholding,  near Kynsna!  It is a 4.8 hectare smallholding, with a little cottage on it (a VERY little cottage), in which we are going to live!

 This is the cute little cottage we are going to move to. It's going to be a really tight squeeze, but we are thrilled with all the space to run and play outside!  There is a banana tree, too! Not a bad start to our homesteading bananas!!!

This is the view to the west....isn't it beautiful? Those are the Outeniqua mountains in the distance.

Our little business making and selling fudge has taken off, and we hope to  now live off it!  That means my dad can stay home!  Yes, he will be working, stirring fudge and delivering it to shops, but at least he will be with us!  If he has to deliver fudge to a shop, he could take one of us with!

He has also started a new business venture, called Micro-University, with a wonderful, Godly friend and mentor, helping teenagers find their gifting and purpose to make wise choices for future careers. Check it out HERE!

We are moving in less than three weeks, so we are very busy packing!  It is really challenging with little people running around!  As fast as we pack, they unpack!  So we have our work cut out for us!

We have moved many times in our lives!  I do enjoy it though - being able to de-clutter and move to a new place, unpack things and pack them in the right places is lots of fun!

So yesterday was the end of this life here in the Cape!  Now dad is home, and we can pack up our house quickly, and move! There were great shouts of joy when we heard the car coming up the drive!

Praise the Lord, he has answered our prayers and now our dream is becoming reality! 

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