Friday, June 11, 2010

Let Sleeping Babies Lie!

The other day my Mom was sick in bed, so Rebekah was all ours.  We had to look after her and care for her, as poor Mom was too sick to do anything!

Rebekah was very tired, and was crying and crying, so Nancy took her outside.  A little while later, Nancy came inside to call me, and said that I must be very quiet.

I was very suspicious....what had she done with my sister?  So I went outside and had a peek.....

This is what I found:

 Rebekah fast asleep in the wheelbarrow!!

She had fallen asleep, but not in the ideal bed!  Nancy had only put plastic down to make it a little softer, but she was sleeping a baby!!!

I just had to grab my camera and take a picture!

Nancy had wheeled Rebekah around until she fell asleep!

Every time Rebekah stirred, Nancy would wheel her around some more until she settled down again!!

Nancy was very happy, because she could read for an hour, while Rebekah slept!  Nancy is working her way through The Hardy Boy series by Franklin W. Dixon.  My dad read them as a  little boy, and he kept them in a box for us.  I tried them, but I found them too scary!  Nancy LOVES mystery stories, so she doesn't mind!

Now when we are having trouble with Rebekah, we pop her in the wheelbarrow and wheel her around till she falls asleep!  It is a win-win:  Mom gets free time and we get to read!  And of course Rebekah is well rested!   We now lay blankets down and pillows, as it is a lot more comfortable!

My mom said that we should paint the wheelbarrow pink and make some blankets and cushions for bedding, and put it in Rebekah's bedroom, because she sleeps better in the wheelbarrow than in her own cot!

What some sisters don't do to get their baby sisters to sleep!

I hope everyone has had a blessed week!


Linnie said...

Oh! Isn't that sweet!
Well done Girls! I think a pink wheelbarrow will be gorgeous!
Love you lots!
Look forward to your visit tomorrow - drive safely

Peekpu said...

I started follwoing your blog because I was amazed at your crafting ability - You are great!
But now, because I have a (very) young daughter of my own, I find myself reading about your days, and your wonderful family.
You write very well, and I can feel the love you have for your family.
God bless you on your move to a new home, and in all your daily activites.

Nadene said...

How cute! What a clever plan! And such a fun way to get your baby sister to sleep! Your mom is really blessed to have daughters like you!