Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Pros of Moving

I love moving!

I love packing up - seeing the amount of things lying around gradually disappear and then seeing the mountains of full cardboard boxes slowly rise up, till you cannot see over it!

I love decluttering too - sorting through bits and pieces and throwing out what we don't need is fun!  I love to see how many bags I can fill for either throw away, giveaway or sell. 

I also love the day before the move....everyone is excited, nervous and happy, all at the same time!  That evening the big people are popping the last few things in boxes and sealing them....that night is fun, sleeping in an empty room.  You sleep with the bare minimum, so there is less to put in the car the next day!  We can hardly get to sleep with anticipation!!

Then....the BIG DAY!  It is a very stressful morning, but eventually all is done...we say goodbye to our house and our lives there, and carry on.  The car trip is scary, fun and exciting!  Our stops are frequent because of us little women in the car who forever need to visit the 'Ladies' 'to powder our noses', as Daddy calls it!

That night we arrive at our new destination and there is great excitement!  We run around the house, looking at all the new things and choose our bedrooms!  We find it hard to believe that this is our new home!

The night is scary and full of sounds and strange noises.  Fortunately we have sisters to snuggle with.  We again sleep with very little as most of it is still in the car or we just cannot find it!

The next day is fun and full of surprises!  We unpack as much as we can in between meals, so that blood sugars don't go sliding downhill!!  Setting up the beds and making them in the new rooms is so exciting!  Unwrapping crockery and putting them in the right places is just wonderful....hmmmm...we are starting afresh!

So, yes, that is what I love about moving and starting a new life...but I said what I 'love'....there are things I don't like as well!

I am trying to be positive with this move, but it is very hard!  We moved here to Fish Hoek two years ago, and I was two years younger and we had one less little one!  I was only eleven, so my responsibilities and duties were far less!

Now I am thirteen, and we have a new little one in the house who is only one!  That little tot is able to make a big difference between having a peaceful, well organized move, or a chaotic and stressful one!  Fortunately, we have Nancy, our miracle Baby-Sitter!  She is EXCELLENT! Rebekah loves her, and will stay with her for ages!

Me sorting out all the pictures and things my mom has collected throughout each of our lives....this took a while!!  It was also very funny to see how we used to colour in when we were little - and what!!!  There are some pictures that I drew that I will never show anyone...they are just too embarrassing!

Okay, I know our faces look very sad, but my dad took this before we were prepared!!  This is how our dining room looked a day or two ago.  Since then, we have packed things away and now only our table, chairs and a chest of drawers remains!!

We have only one sleep left here in this house, and, aaargh!!!  We still have lots of things to do! 

Today Nancy and I got lists of the things to do.  It took a while!!  There is a lot of cleaning still to be done in the house!!  Dad sorted out the outside yesterday and today.

Whenever I start to complain about things we have to do in order to move, my mom always says to me "We are getting closer to our dream...keep going...think about the life we are going to live..stay strong...don't give up...we are nearly there..."  And my mom is right!  I just have to keep going, it is not long until we reach our dream! 

So, yes, there are cons to moving too, but if I choose to focus only on the pros, I will be fine!  The Bible says to give praise in all circumstances, so I am trying!

Our 'Praise Party' was to praise God for opening the door to allow us to move to live our dream.  I didn't write this then, as it was still very much a secret!

Speaking of our praise party, I haven't forgotten to share the you can understand, we have been very busy with packing and typing out recipes takes ages, so I will do them, when I have more time!  So hold on, they are coming! 

So do please keep our family in your prayers and thoughts.  We are moving on Monday morning to our new smallholding.  Please pray for strength (for us bigger ones) and that peace, love, joy and love will remain in our house, and for lots of protection!

Blessings to all,

P.S.  I am fast approaching 200 posts!  This post is my 196th.   My 200th post will be a celebratory  post, and I am doing a little something special, so keep following my blog to find out and take part!!!


Sarah said...

I hope your move goes well.

Kelly-Anne said...

It did, thank you Sarah! And thank you for stopping by!

Love and blessings,