Thursday, November 11, 2010

We're Moving To Bethany Farm!

Hello everyone!  We are very excited to say that were are moving to Bethany Farm!

A few of you might have seen this clip and wondered what it's all about, well once we are there I will certainly keep you updated!

For now you can get an idea by watching this YouTube clip!  The DVD is also lovely!

We are moving in three weeks time.  The house we are going to live in is quite big and the scenery on the farm is beautiful!

Have a wonderful week further!



Karyn said...

wow, so exciting! God is so good. Two wonderful faailies together. Many blessings, Karyn

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you so much Karyn for stopping by and commenting. Yes, I have to agree, God is good! We are very excited!

Much love and blessings,