Sunday, November 14, 2010

In The Garden

Now with us moving it is a little pointless spending hours in the garden, but we might as well look after the plants we have – maybe we can harvest a few things before we go!

The potatoes are doing very well now that I conquered the cutworm!

The potatoes...ready for their 2nd mounding!

Here I was planting them...I planted about 35 seed potatoes!

Handy Hint:  When peeling potatoes and you see a little eye on it, cut the eye off with a little bit of the potato.  Wet some toilet paper and lay it in the bottom of a Tupperware.  Put the pieces of potato with the eyes on them in the Tupperware and put in a cool, dark place.  Soon you will see roots growing!  Keep adding to the Tupperware each time you cook potatoes.  Soon you will be able to plant them. 

The tomatoes are doing exceptionally well!  We have been feeding them with Seagro and it has really helped!  There are about 11 healthy plants.  All of which have flowers.  One has made its first tomato!

I had to put stakes in the ground and tie the tomato plant to the pole with string.  We have had very bad wind here the last day or two, so they were starting to blow over.

It was so exciting to go outside and see the little green tomato on the plant!

The sweet corn is also doing well.  Some plants better than others.  There are 3 rows, 9 plants in each.  We have planted peas next to the corn in 2 rows and beans in another row.


I collected lots of manure from around the farm and spread it around each plant.

The spinach is doing alright, but not as well as we had hoped.

The variety of spinach is ‘Virofly’.  The leaves are so delicious to eat and we prefer them to lettuce and Swiss chard.

Something has been munching on the gem squash!  Unfortunately we won’t be around to harvest the squash but I don’t mind too much!  I think its fun just to watch it grow!

I put manure around the beet too!  My family love beetroot, especially beetroot salad.  We boil, peel and cut them into blocks then add some onion rings to it and then pour some brown grape vinegar over the top of it.  We then have a delicious, healthy salad!  Beth is our beetroot queen!  She just loves it!

I originally planted 12 beetroot plants, but some have been lost, which is very sad!

A friend of ours gave us some leek seedlings and they seem to be doing quite well!

We have some other things growing in my mom’s herb patch which is in the courtyard. The lettuce and basil seem to grow at an amazing rate there too! Those 2 things just won’t grow in the big garden!

Up at Bethany Farm there is a big veggie patch that I can’t wait to get stuck into! I love growing things! When I feel upset or sad, the place I like to go into is the veggie patch! I love it there!


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