Thursday, November 25, 2010

Water Fight!

The other afternoon was very hot, so  Nancy and Beth decided to have a water fight!

 Chasing Gabrielle with the hose!

This is my favorite picture of Beth!!!

I hope you have been having a good week!



lgray said...

Oh Kelly ... praise God for an absolute miracle!!! I have been able to download the pictures on your blog and it is so wonderful to be able to see how you are all doing ... the next best thing to actually being with you ... how you have all grown! Love you all sooooo much. Miss you all. God bless you. Lots of love. Oupa & Granny. xxx

Izi said...

Hi Kelly-Anne,

Just got your blog off Heidi-Mari. It's so lovely!

My name is Izi and I am a ballerina. I have been dancing for nine years - and absuloutly love it. I will be following you blog - cus' it's cool!

Hay, I have a blog too. If you would like to visit it, just head to:

but absuloutly no pressure - okay.

I live in Australia NSW, and am a christian, too.

Loving your blog!

Izi xoxoxo