Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Afternoon At The Knysna Heads

Yesterday morning we had to go to Knysna to do some shopping (we live about 40 minutes outside of Knysna itself).  After visiting the shops, we went to the Knysna Heads.  We first stopped at Coney Beach picnic site and had lunch.  My dad took these pictures of my sisters and I together.  He used one as his computer screen saver picture!

 The Gray Girls - from left to right: Rebekah 1 years, me (Kelly) 13 years, Beth 6 years, Nancy 11 years and Gabrielle 3 years.

Smiles all around!

Gabrielle age 3 – such a cutie!

We then went down to the Heads to gather shells.  My mom is doing a craft project with us and needs shells – lots of them!  I will tell you more about it in a separate posting. 

View of the Knysna Heads from Coney Beach.

My dad again was the photographer and again he took some gorgeous photographs!

Beth age 6 found so many starfish and ran up and down shouting: “see what I’ve found!”  Needless to say we caused quite a stir on the beach front!

Nancy age 11 trying not to get her dress wet, but at the same time wanting to jump into the water and swim!


Rebekah and Gabrielle looking for starfish and shells.

Me watching my sisters playing.

Have a wonderful week further!


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Heidi-Mari said...

Hey my friend!
The pictures are gorgeous!
I love the one with of all the Gray girls, you all look so pretty!
You’re lucky, when we went, there where crabs in the water!
You had a lovely sunny day!

Have a blessed day my friend
Lots of love